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Boxbike found a niche in a crowded market and filled it, with the help of Checkout.

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Love What You Do

Watch small business owners talk about how Checkout helps run their stores.

Love What You Do
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The History Channel - NY

A&E Networks needed a point of sale solution and fast, because it was going live in 5 days.

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IF+D - Austin

IF+D, a furniture, flooring and design store in Austin’s burgeoning 2nd Street warehouse district.

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Self Edge - San Fransisco

Jeans, Japanese and Yoyo's. Get yours at Self Edge. Self Edge specializes in everything cool.

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Bloom Books - Macau

Bloom, located in front of a Chinese temple at Macau, is the place to buy "beautiful fool things"

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Cato Toys - Imola

Where would you go if you wanted to buy decent toys or books that will last a lifetime? Cato offers the answer.

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BOXBIKE - Berlin, Germany

At last count, Berlin is home to 1,024 bike shops (note: completely made up number), but Patrick Möller’s BOXBIKE is truly unique. In any large market, filled with competent competitors, a sound business strategy is to find a sustainable niche and own it. Patrick’s done just that by focusing his bike shop on folding bicycles.

“We only sell and fix folding bikes, foldable trailers and accessories for such bikes,” says Möller. “And by focusing 100% on folding bikes, we’ve developed a reputation”.

And business is good. Nestled in Berlin’s beautiful and rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, BOXBIKE’s clientele of urban commuters and world travelers value the ability to tote a compact bike around Berlin and its public transportation network. Still, being an entrepreneur can be daunting.

“I love looking on the horizon to identify the next opportunity for the business, but it can be intimidating to build a business from zero. I manage by focusing on taking daily small steps.”.

The biggest administrative challenge facing Möller is efficiently managing his inventory without it swallowing up his time and keeping him from focusing on growth. That’s where he values Checkout most.

“I love ringing up a sale and Checkout makes that process simple, but what helps most is managing our growing list of products and product variations. It’s very important for me to easily manage and report on our stock and Checkout allows me to do that.”

Next up? Foldable bikes coming to a city near you.

“My goal is to expand and open more BOXBIKE shops in different European cities, taking advantage of what I’ve learned in Berlin. It’s an exciting time.”

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