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OrdersSell Fast or Take It Easy

Selling is easier with a POS system that is simple and intuitive. Use drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts and instant search to make a quick sale. Or take your time for a customized quote, order or invoice. Mix business and pleasure with Checkout's award winning interface.

PaymentsPayments & Receipts

Record cash, credit card and other payments with the tip of your finger. Checkout calculates due change and prints complete product, payment and sales tax details on your customer receipts. Get the Checkout Credit Card Service Plan for even faster processing. Competitive rates included.

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HistoryHistory & Notes

Ever wished you could figure out exactly what happened when? Every document in Checkout offers access to a handy History and Notes interface. One click gets you a complete list of changes to the document, when they were made and by whom. Add notes for yourself and your coworkers for later referral. Like every other bit of text, the contents of your notes can be used to instant-search through all documents.


  • Order to Invoice workflow
  • Instant search for Orders and Invoices
    • Search using any infomation on a document (product name, serial number, client address, etc.)
    • Filter order and invoice lists by date
  • Easily change a Quote to an Order and back
  • Use the Business Order feature to:
    • View product and average sales margins
    • Manually adjust product prices and names
    • Tweak discount percentages
  • Create Anonymous Invoices
  • Create and track Return and Back orders
  • Create tax-free orders
  • Records order and invoice history and notes
  • Extensive keyboard and barcode scanner support
  • Live stock level indications for all products anywhere
  • Instant-search for Customers and Products
    • Use any kind of information (name, address, email, notes, product code, description, etc.) to quickly search through thousands of records.
  • Extra info shows a clear overview of current orders, past sales and any remaining due amount for each customer.


  • Credit card processing handled through a Checkout credit card processing merchant account (US only)
  • Support for manually registering payments by type
    • Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Check, Transfer
  • Supports multiple partial payments per sale
  • Automatically calculates and shows due change
  • Prints complete payment details on customer receipts
  • Multiple Sales or VAT taxes are supported
    • Compound taxes, as used in parts of Canada, are not supported
System Requirements: Macintosh computer with Mac OS X 10.9 or later. Recommended: Intel-based Mac with at least 1GB of RAM.