Faster performance

Checkout's underlying software components have been updated and upgraded, making for faster performance, better database stability, and more robust data protection.

Sync with Shopify

Using the Shopify connector, sync your products, images, and variations between Shopify and Checkout.

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Faster Sync

After your initial sync, syncing between Checkout and Shopify is 10x faster.

Automatic Workflow

You can archive an order on Shopify, and Checkout will automatically handle it based upon the case: if order is paid in full, allocated in Checkout, and archived, the order is invoiced. If the order is cancelled and archived in Shopify, Checkout cancels the order.

Advanced Stock Control

Checkout's new advanced stock control gives you full control over managing stock between your retail and web stores. Use the following fields to allot stock for sale online or in person, and to manage stock levels online based on real-world counts.

In-store Reserve

Use in-store reserve to make sure you always have at least one item on-hand for retail sale. Keep a reserve of stock in-store that will never be sold online.

Qty Web Store

Qty Web Store is the amount of stock that will be uploaded to your web store.


The minimum field lets you set the stock level at which point a product should be removed from the web store. For example, setting the minimum field of a given item to 1 would result in that item being removed from your store on your next sync when the quantity reaches 0.


Set the maximum field to identify the highest amount of an item you want to display on your web store.

Hardware improvements

Barcode scanning and label printing have been updated with new features and fixes to make working with hardware easier than ever.

Opening the cash drawer is easier now with a shortcut from the Action menu. You can also set your default cash drawer to open during automatic printing.

Checkout 4 adds the ability to print to Epson receipt printers.

Label printing enhancements

Checkout's print dialog shows an error if the printing area is too small to print a valid barcode. Label printing insets can be manually adjusted to get sizes just right. You can add a red border to easily see where the label should line up with the bar code.

When generating labels for variations, Checkout will add all of the variants and respected quantities to the label printing window.

Checkout can now print on smaller-sized labels, like Avery forms ending with the number '7'.

Upgraded image processor

With our new, built in image processor, Checkout supports more image formats, including PDF, EPS, JPEG 2000 and GIF (even animated GIFs). Scaling of images has been improved, the image database is enhanced for faster performance, and most image formats are converted, on the fly, to PNG.


Checkout's product, shipping, and store managers have all been improved with an eye toward usability and speed.

Product manager

The Product Manager supports more image formats: pdf, eps, jpg 2000, gif, and animated gifs can all be attached to a product.

You can mark an item as Shippable, which designates an item as physical or not, allowing you to sell services online.

If a product won't sync with your webstore, Checkout now clearly displays the reason (sell stop is on, or parent product has syncing turned off).

Store manager

All backups are now zipped to save space and reduce backup time.


Checkout 4's templates have been completely modernized, including printing of orders, sales, invoices and purchase orders.

All template features

Checkout combines the features of all previous receipt/invoice templates in each template. On each template, you can choose to show Notes, Packing Slip, Tip, Discounts, Product Descriptions, Shipping, Signature, and Tax Breakdown.

Template internationalization

All templates have a translation feature and can be printed in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish. You can also add your own local language.

Print gift receipts/packing slips

Checkout 4 adds Gift Receipts and Packing Slips and an easy way to print them.

Automatic printing

During creation of an order, you control if a gift receipt or packing slip should be printed.

Print dialog enhancements

Switch between templates in the print dialog to find the one you like best. All print dialogs allow full control over the look and feel of the template you are printing.

Print shipping info on receipt

Shipping method names can be printed on the Thermal Receipt, including many other items like Notes.

Invoices and receipts enhancements

You have the option to include both the tips area and discounts when printing receipts and invoices.

Import and Export

Importing and exporting your customers is easier, with vCard support returning to Checkout. Header columns are also auto-selected for a better experience, and a bug preventing CSV files that include quotation marks has been fixed.

Customer and product imports attempt to automatically match import fields based on a file's header information.

Automatch fields work for, Checkout Export (Customers/Products), iContact Export (Customers), AccountEdge Export (Products), and Quickbooks Export (Products).

Optionally import products using prices with tax included, or without applying default taxes.

Checkout 4 has better support for foreign characters when importing products and customers.

Scheduled Backups

Schedule up to 6 automatic backups per day with Checkout's new scheduled backup feature. Backups are made on the host computer, and are automatically compressed and organized with a logical file name. Requires a manager login, and the computer needs to be awake with the user logged in to work.

System Requirements: Macintosh computer with Mac OS X 10.6.1 or later. Recommended: Intel-based Mac with at least 1GB of RAM.