Header Networking

EasyEasy to Setup

Setting up a point of sale system was never this easy. Simply install Checkout on all your machines throughout your store, turn on Store Sharing in the Manager window, and create either Manager or Employee accounts for your coworkers.
Log in. Done.

SpeedBuilt for Speed

Checkout is optimized for fast searches. So whether your network is wired or wireless, and whether your database is large, extra large, or ridiculously large, when a customer asks you a question about a product or an order, you can answer as quickly as it takes you to type a word or two in the search field.

RealReal Time for Real

One of your salespeople is on the floor and calls you with an urgent question about an order. Wouldn't it be great if you could help them out without having to walk over? Simply double-click their order on your Mac, and you'll see it as it happens, in real time.


  • Concurrent access over a local network
    • Up to 20 connected users at once.
    • Airport Extreme recommended for wireless networking
  • Access to any document by multiple users at once
  • Real time updates of remote changes
  • Simple Employee user-account management
  • Auto-detects shared stores through Bonjour
  • Uses the worlds most advanced open source PostgreSQL database server technology
System Requirements: Macintosh computer with Mac OS X 10.9 or later. Recommended: Intel-based Mac with at least 1GB of RAM.