Backup & Restore

Schedule up to 6 automatic backups per day with Checkout's new scheduled backup feature. Backups are made on the host computer, and are automatically compressed and organized with a logical file name. Requires a manager login, and the computer needs to be awake with the user logged in to work. To restore from a backup, simply double-click the backup file in the Finder and type in your password.

Management: All Your Data, Organized.


Checkout automatically records every in-store transaction in its double-entry ledger system. Use instant-search to find and review transactions in a summarized or fully detailed format. And to make your accountant really happy, hit export to save them to his or her favorite file format.


When you welcome a new member to your staff, Checkout's Example Store offers a great way to train them without messing up your data. You decide who gets access to what, only employees with a manager account can export data and use other management features.


Clear information is key for any manager. Checkout's reports give an interactive overview of a wide variety of performance metrics. Choose from a wide range of ready-made reports from the Report Gallery that can help you run your store more efficiently. For some serious number-crunching, you can simply export reports to an Excel, Numbers, CSV or TSV file.

Stock Room

Set a minimum stock amount for popular products in the Product Manager and Checkout automatically calculates each product's needed amount, based upon the minimum, current stock and outstanding orders from your customers. When you receive a shipment, instant-search finds its purchase order in the Stock Room and verifies and submits your freshly received goods.


  • Seamless integration by journal entry exporting to AccountEdge and QuickBooks
  • Supports FIFO and Average Cost Bookkeeping
  • Live switch between the Double Entry and Simplified bookkeeping view
  • Fully automatic transaction recording, based on sales and inventory information
  • Helps maintain GAAP -compliant business records
  • Use any type of information to instant-search through transactions in an adjustable time-span
  • Export transactions in a double-entry or simplified journal layout to Excel, Numbers, .CSV (Comma separated) and .TSV (Tab separated) files


  • Choose between profesionally designed invoice templates
    • Add and remove Descriptions, Tax Breakdown, Totals, Notes, Payments, and Discounts
    • Internationalization support
  • Product management
    • Full support for product Barcodes and Serials
    • Easily manage product Stock Correcions, Taxes, and Value Changes
    • Support for Stockless products
    • Multiple tax rates per product


  • Interactive features such as, sorting, links to clients and transactions
  • Extensive range of reports
    • Count Sheet, Customer Contact, Customers, Discounts Given, Employees, End of Day, Orders, Payment Detail, Payments, Pending Invoices, Performance, Performance by Brand, Performance by Tag, Price Exception, Processed Payments, Product Sales Detail, Products by Brand, Products by Customer, Products by Tag, Products Sold, Sales, Stock, Stock Correction, Suppliers, Tax
  • Export reports to Excel, Numbers, .CSV (Comma separated) and .TSV (Tab separated) files

Data management

  • Easily backup and restore your data
  • Scheduled backups
  • Backups are compressed to save space and reduce backup time
  • Host as many stores as you want from one Mac running Checkout

Inventory Management

  • Manage Suppliers and Purchase Orders
  • Receive inventory, receive all against outstanding Purchase Orders
  • Get live detailed updates of stock levels while creating Purchase Orders
  • advanced stock control gives you full control over managing stock between your retail and web stores
    • In-store reserve, minimum, maximum fields
  • Easily import new stock using .CSV (Comma separated) and .TSV (Tab separated) files
  • Using the Count Sheet and Stock reports you can easily track your inventory
System Requirements: Macintosh computer with Mac OS X 10.6.1 or later. Recommended: Intel-based Mac with at least 1GB of RAM.