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The powerful, easy and affordable point of sale software for the Mac.

Run your retail store more efficiently with Checkout, starting at $499. Download the free trial and you'll be selling in minutes.

Checkout customer Kiya Babzani, owner, Self Edge, San Francisco, CA.

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Use Checkout and Shopify together

A full featured, integrated web store with Shopify

Sync your Shopify orders to Checkout. Use Checkout to set up your store and send your products, variations, and images to Shopify with the Shopify connector.

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Who uses Checkout?

Checkout is not for restaurants or multi-store chains, but is instead made specifically for single-location boutiques, shops and stores selling goods of any kind.
Some great examples: Sporting Goods, Bike Shops, Book Stores, Stationery, Jewelry, Hobby, Toy & Game, Camera & Photographic, Gift, Novelty & Souvenir, Clothing Boutiques, Thrift Shops, Florists, Art Galleries, Museums, Pop Up Shops and Art Supply. Wondering if Checkout is right for your store? Give us a call at

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Powerful and easy to use point of sale.

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