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Boxbike found a niche in a crowded market and filled it, with the help of Checkout.

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Love What You Do

Watch small business owners talk about how Checkout helps run their stores.

Love What You Do
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The History Channel - NY

A&E Networks needed a point of sale solution and fast, because it was going live in 5 days.

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IF+D - Austin

IF+D, a furniture, flooring and design store in Austin’s burgeoning 2nd Street warehouse district.

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Self Edge - San Fransisco

Jeans, Japanese and Yoyo's. Get yours at Self Edge. Self Edge specializes in everything cool.

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Bloom Books - Macau

Bloom, located in front of a Chinese temple at Macau, is the place to buy "beautiful fool things"

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Cato Toys - Imola

Where would you go if you wanted to buy decent toys or books that will last a lifetime? Cato offers the answer.

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if+d Main

IF + D - Austin, Texas United States

Every store should have a mantra. A short, concise thought that speaks to the store’s essence.

“We hate kittens.”

At IF+D, that mantra takes on a comically sadistic tone. To get offended is to misunderstand Kristen Boling, as she walks you past authentic Enron legal pads and sushi erasers, explaining that “to hate kittens is to be a badass.”

IF+D, a furniture, flooring and design store in Austin’s burgeoning 2nd Street warehouse district, was hatched three years ago on a piece of large-square graph paper by Kristen’s 5 1/2 year old daughter. “She drew up the original floor plan. It was all her vision too, although we‘ve yet to offer free guinea pigs and mermaid costumes”, says Kristin.

We’ve yet to offer free guinea pigs and mermaid costumes.

It’s exactly that sense of genuine irreverence that allows IF+D to tread the fine lines between design and comfort; exclusivity and accessibility. Place these same one-of-a-kind furniture pieces in different hands and the result might not be so inviting. Might not be so warm.

Which makes it seem inevitable that Kristen would find her way to a Mac.

“At first I was given a PC for free, but the whole system didn’t work well at all. I finally went crazy and went to the Apple Store. I bought my beautiful iMac, Checkout and AccountEdge that day and I love them. I love looking at them. Even the design of the Checkout box made me giddy with delight.”

While Kristen is utterly distinct in so many ways, in some respects, she’s the typical, overloaded entrepreneur.

“I never knew how much energy would be required in owning a business. It’s the details that I wasn’t prepared for”, notes Kristin.

At 90 hours and counting, Kristen was looking for software to shave hours off her work week, not add to the unwieldy pile.

“The fact that I can integrate Checkout and AccountEdge and have everything covered makes me happy. This is exactly what I need.”

Just like that sushi eraser.