BarcodeBarcode Scanners

A barcode scanner speeds up sales by letting you add products and serial numbers to your orders. Plus, it eliminates the need to key in data, reducing the need to make corrections.

CashdrawerCash Drawers

A cash drawer lets you save space by completely replacing your legacy cash register. Thanks to tight integration with Checkout's payment functions, your sales will be even more efficient.


ReceiptReceipt Printers

A receipt printer offers a faster, low-cost alternative to printing out invoices on a regular printer. And it's better for the environment too. After you install a receipt printer, Checkout automatically detects the type of printer you selected in the Print dialog and prints out a compact receipt or a full-size invoice accordingly.

Supported Hardware

  • Credit Card Swipe Readers
    • Compatible swipe readers can be ordered online or by calling AccountEdge Customer Care at 800-322-6962
    • Checkout does not process debit cards. Accepting debit cards as a form of payment requires an external terminal.

This list only contains hardware that we tested ourselves. Other hardware might very well be compatible with Checkout. If you find other compatible hardware,
please let us know.